Our world, a beautiful landscape of evidence of God’s almighty power & love for us was created so perfectly that we may learn to exist in the freedom of choosing to live for the purpose he created us for; to love and believe in him.  If that were the only thing on our agenda of things to do and the only thing anyone ever did, it would be very easy to follow, but our world as whole is not led with God in mind.  This not our home for very long because you and I were not meant to live here forever, which is why we are never promised tomorrow.  But your here today which means only one thing, God is not finished with you yet, if he was, he would have called you home by now. God has not given up on you because he knows there’s more to you than what you want to believe and he’s waiting on you to see that.  Your a child of God which means your blessed & you have the strength to overcome anything and everything.  Life is simple, it’s all a test of your faith, that in your struggles you may turn to God and believe in him.  This is how God intended our relationship with him to grow.  For every Christian around the world who believes & lives their life in Christ we know God sent Jesus his only son to die so we could live and be free.  Why?  Because God knew we would never be perfect & that we would make mistakes & sin; so Jesus had to be the sacrifice.

Now your probably wondering where the punchline is or the vision I had for creating Rise Upon a Prayer, if God weren’t enough.  What inspired me to do this?  Well, a few years ago, I became overwhelmed with a feeling that I could only describe as sadness;  moving but feeling as if I were standing still watching as everyone walked around me in some sort of dream like sequence.  For a moment, I watched the world begin to destroy itself as the generation of our future became lost within a world created by a society whose foundation was built around some of the very same elements the Bible had warned us about; greed, hatred, selfishness, anger, jealously; just to name a few.  Men, women and children were walking away from Christ, being led by an evil in a direction where I could not follow; accepted not by who they were or what they believed in on the inside, but what they had, wore and looked like on the outside.  Worried & struggling to understand who I would become in the middle of this darkness, I heard a voice whisper to me to have the faith and courage to live by my heart and to see with the eyes of a believer & listen.  I began to see the tears people cried, the worry in their hearts & the struggles they faced alone.  I saw families being torn apart and their love for another fading away.  People with good hearts and great intentions had become lost & confused within a dark fog set to destroy each last hope they carried.  In those terrifying moments, I saw everyone crying out for God; they cried out for his love and promised they would change if he would help them find there way.  They knew about Jesus & they believed in him, yet they had become lost.  As quicky as it came, the dark fog began to disappear as millions of bright lights shined across the land and sky revealing a safe passage ahead.  And than I woke up.  Was that the light of God our the light within ourselves?  Was it a dream or a revelation.  Could I have done something more?  Will I do something more.  I felt like I was watching Lost all over again with so many questions; until I realized I had an answer.

As Christians, it’s part of our calling to be the hands & feet of Jesus here on Earth.  We can never give up on someone or on ourselves because God never will.  For this reason, I couldn’t help but feel responsible for the outcome of the fallen I never reached out too. Yesterday is behind us so we can no longer look back at what was done or not done to us.  All we have is today and an unpromised tomorrow to dedicate our lives to making a difference for all those who feel they have been imprisoned in their life by the ultimate of deceivers.  We must Rise together so that we can fiercely become the driving force to reign over this world & win this War of Good & Evil.  I believe there is a greatness within us all; we have been annointed with the power of God which means we can overpower the evil in this world, but it will take all of us to see the change.  This world needs Jesus & so do I.  We can no longer afford to be afraid of falling out of our Safe Zone & waiting until we loose something or someone precious to us before we have the courage to fight back for what’s right.  This is my life & this is yours & God has given us only one of them to make the right choice for ourselves.  Rise Upon a Prayer is a calling for me from God to encourage not just you or myself & the younger generation about believing in themselves & in God, but to live and fight for him as well.  Rise Upon a Prayer is for anyone and everyone who has ever felt as if they deserved to live their life the way God intended, without fear; not on how society or someone thinks you should be, but who God believes you to be.  Let your light shine through the fog so all the world can see the heart God gave you and I promise you will overcome your battle and find the peace and happiness to live your life as God intended you to.


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