A couple of weeks ago I had an idea of creating a project designed around spreading God’s love in unique ways.  My wife and I were starving so we stopped off at Steak N’ Shake with my parents behind us in their vehicle.  We decided that we were going to pay for them because they never let us pay for anything.  And although it was only ten dollars, it felt great to bless them.  But it was in the actions of my parents that followed that took me by surprise and immediately made me light up with excitement inside.  They paid for the stranger in the car behind them.  They had paid it forward and spread the love that I had shown too someone else.  So I decided to design a business card with a link to my blog written on it.  My goal is to hand each card out to everyone I bless in the hopes that they may spread the love within themselves to a stranger who may be looking for a helping hand.


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