“Learning to be the Light” – New World Son

I have found that sometimes in our lives the choices we make with great intentions are not always easy.  We open our heart and follow God’s voice only to find opposition, fear and worry in our hearts.  In the middle of a crowded room I realized that God had been asking me to take a very bold step of faith that I did not understand.  I tried to ignore it because it didn’t make sense.  But the way my heart began to tug in those couple minutes, I knew I had too.  For the past few years I have noticed myself asking God more and more for his will to be done in my life.  But all I would find at the end of the day was loneliness.  It was unclear at first as too why I avoided maintaining old friendships and beginning new one’s.  But I finally realized that it was during this time that God was guiding me down a road where I could grow in my beliefs and in his presence so that I could be that shining light for those around me.  Each of us have a different purpose in life and although it will take time, it’s time that I begin to fall into mine.


2 thoughts on ““Learning to be the Light” – New World Son

  1. Gigi McGuire says:

    God bless you…

    • lagrizzaffi says:

      Thank you very much Gigi! I pray that God blesses you in your life and that every dream that you have in your heart comes true. Have a blessed week!

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