God only gives us one life to get it right.  We have to make the right choices in this brief time that we have here on this Earth to show one another how much they mean to us.  If we can remove the worry from our hearts, than we will have the freedom God placed in us to shine for the entire world to see.  Were not promised tomorrow.  We have to make each and every moment count.  Life is not about how much money we can make or the deadlines we have to meet.  It’s not meant to be an everyday race consumed by more and more tasks that we can’t accomplish.  Life is not meant to be as stressful as we make it.  But we do.  We have a tendency sometimes to take more than we give.  Life is about love.  It’s about the relationships that God has given us in our life.  It’s not about what we accomplish and how high we can climb a corporate ladder.  It’s about how we love one another and how we were created to help guide each other to Christ.  This was the only reason we were created.  To love God and one another as God loves us.


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