It began during a time when Julius Caesar was ruler of the Roman Empire.  History tells us that throughout the morning and into the night Romans would look out their bedroom windows into the skies above and see Venus, the brightest star and the first star they saw each night. It had become their point for prayer, so Julius Caesar dedicated the Temple of Venus to the Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty & War; in hopes of gaining power & love over his people.  Of course, the Romans were a bit selfish in what they wished upon so eventually their entire civilization fell. But the moral of this story is not about what the Romans did or did not do, it was about making sure that when you pray for something, you do so with the greatest of intentions.

As a young child, I remember looking out my bedroom window to wish upon a star wondering if my voice would be loud enough to reach to that starry sky above.  As a child, wishing upon a star had become a symbol of my dreams and a way of stretching my imagination in believing the impossible, but today when I pray, it’s an action of faith and a powerful building block to help open my heart in believing something a lot bigger than myself, GOD, the creator of it all.

Whether it’s a wish we make to the stars, a coin we toss in a fountain or a prayer we pray in silence to GOD, it’s our hearts, not our minds that guide us to believe what we can’t see to be true.  But in GOD, we can rise from our knees and rejoice in knowing that if we are patient and we stay in faith, we will soar with wings like eagles knowing that everything we ever needed is now right there in our hands.  For me, Rise Upon a Prayer  is more than just a command to act, but a lifestyle choice worth believing in.  In every battle we face in life, we have the freedom to rise & fall, a choice that determines how strong our heart, our faith, our patience and our character has become.  It’s through these challenges that we are able to grow; not only in ourselves but more importantly in GOD.  And it’s through forgiveness, grace, love and mercy that he reaches out to us with open arms, no matter what we have done or have gone through.  GOD leaves it up to us to be bold enough to reach out to him, all we have to do is ask.


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