A couple of weeks ago I had an idea of creating a project designed around spreading God’s love in unique ways.  My wife and I were starving so we stopped off at Steak N’ Shake with my parents behind us in their vehicle.  We decided that we were going to pay for them because they never let us pay for anything.  And although it was only ten dollars, it felt great to bless them.  But it was in the actions of my parents that followed that took me by surprise and immediately made me light up with excitement inside.  They paid for the stranger in the car behind them.  They had paid it forward and spread the love that I had shown too someone else.  So I decided to design a business card with a link to my blog written on it.  My goal is to hand each card out to everyone I bless in the hopes that they may spread the love within themselves to a stranger who may be looking for a helping hand.


“Learning to be the Light” – New World Son

I have found that sometimes in our lives the choices we make with great intentions are not always easy.  We open our heart and follow God’s voice only to find opposition, fear and worry in our hearts.  In the middle of a crowded room I realized that God had been asking me to take a very bold step of faith that I did not understand.  I tried to ignore it because it didn’t make sense.  But the way my heart began to tug in those couple minutes, I knew I had too.  For the past few years I have noticed myself asking God more and more for his will to be done in my life.  But all I would find at the end of the day was loneliness.  It was unclear at first as too why I avoided maintaining old friendships and beginning new one’s.  But I finally realized that it was during this time that God was guiding me down a road where I could grow in my beliefs and in his presence so that I could be that shining light for those around me.  Each of us have a different purpose in life and although it will take time, it’s time that I begin to fall into mine.


God only gives us one life to get it right.  We have to make the right choices in this brief time that we have here on this Earth to show one another how much they mean to us.  If we can remove the worry from our hearts, than we will have the freedom God placed in us to shine for the entire world to see.  Were not promised tomorrow.  We have to make each and every moment count.  Life is not about how much money we can make or the deadlines we have to meet.  It’s not meant to be an everyday race consumed by more and more tasks that we can’t accomplish.  Life is not meant to be as stressful as we make it.  But we do.  We have a tendency sometimes to take more than we give.  Life is about love.  It’s about the relationships that God has given us in our life.  It’s not about what we accomplish and how high we can climb a corporate ladder.  It’s about how we love one another and how we were created to help guide each other to Christ.  This was the only reason we were created.  To love God and one another as God loves us.





The Guardian with Angel Wings


Born into the light she watched me grow

In the arms of hers.  She loved me so.

Grandma. A listening ear.  A guiding light when the road wasn’t clear

Not just a cook or place to play.  But a Guardian who led the way

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The True Iron Man

“I don’t want to gain the whole world and loose my soul.”  What a powerful lyric that is?  In my struggle for self righteousness and control, I have learned that in trying to gain power, wealth & popularity to meet the status quo and feel accepted in a world based around greed and self purpose is pointless.  It’s a battle you and I will never win.  Because we always loose something in return, ourselves.

Matthew 6:24 says,  “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. 

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First darkness.  Than light.  My eyes began to open as a single tear fell from my face.  Standing in the middle of single road with nowhere to go but forward.  I had envisioned this place once before.  I wasn’t lost.  I wasn’t unsure.  Flashbacks of memories began to speed through my mind as the road ahead lead me into the light of heaven.  For in that very moment, I saw my struggles and my weaknesses.  I saw the dreams that God had given me that I never believed in.  I saw the pain in the hearts of every man, woman & child I ever knew throughout my life and how my life could have touched there’s had I only reached out.

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Freedom flies across the sea
As waves of grace crash down on me
In a silent surrounding landscape of peace
Closing my eyes to your majesty
Under the clouds of heaven
Awoken I can see
Your love shining back at me
In a moments pause I wonder
Who would I be
If you my Savior never died for me
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